Opportunities with FOI


Fintech OI brings together an exclusive community for Startup founders, Fintech product managers, Fintech consultants, Corporate & Enterprise individuals, Individual Angel Investors, Researchers, Digital innovators, Fintech enthusiasts and Tech enablers.

With an aim to accelerate the fintech ecosystem in India, Fintech OI brings together all the stakeholders under one roof to spur innovation through collaboration.

The Fintech OI Community members get access to:

  • Access to Fintech OI Network via Digital Channels

  • Digital Fintech Showcase

  • Knowledge Series and Curated Content

  • Monthly/Quarterly networking events/meetups

  • B2B Matchmaking

Either you’d be invited to join the Fintech OI Community directly or you can request an invite via an existing member. We review every request with utmost diligence and then choose our members. Request does not guarantee a membership and a rejection does not mean we do not recognise your achievement /passion. Just that our timings are varied or our destinations are different.



Innovation through collaboration is the core competency of effective organizations. Creating new and better ways for the organization to be successful. With access to 250+ global fintechs across the world, we aim at setting up an open industry innovation platform that creates a dialogue for collaboration through focussed problem solving for the financial institutions.

If you’re a CXO, CTO, Head of Strategy and Innovation at a bank or a financial institution looking to work with fintech across the globe and looking at new models of innovation then reach out to us. If you’re a Venture Capital looking forward to engaging with the fintech ecosystem at scale and enabling deal flow to your system then Fintech OI is the right place.

Our team of experts with a collective experience of 30+ years is keen to work with you by providing:

  • Access to 250+ curated global fintech startups

  • Building Brand presence and visibility

  • Building thought leadership

  • Curated quarterly focused fintech showcase

  • Access to growth stage fintech via B2B Matchmaking

  • Access to emerging fintech via Fintech Showcase and Knowledge series

  • Monthly/ Quarterly networking events/meetups



College students today, grew up alongside technology. They typed, clicked, and searched their way out of early schooling and into universities, where research papers are written devoid of any help from a research assistant at the library. They are a different breed of college students, what we like to call "digital natives."

To build a deeper engagement community of student innovators and enthusiasts we are launching access to selected components of Fintech OI to the student community. If you're a part of an educational institution pursuing a full-time program and aiming in building a career or just want to gain knowledge and experience in the Fintech sector, then registers now.

The Fintech OI Student members get
access to:

  • Knowledge Series Platform

  • Selected Fintech Showcase (invite only)

  • Access to Slack and Whatsapp Channel

  • Mentoring Hours (1 hour of mentoring each month)